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What Are The Different Types of Mortgages and Requirements for a Mortgage Broker in London?
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  • October 8th, 2020
  • Unitel Direct

What Are The Different Types of Mortgages and Requirements for a Mortgage Broker in London?

There are numerous types of mortgages in London available in today’s market. You should know which one you need to opt for as it is essential if you want to get the right deal for you. Almost all types of mortgages function in a similar manner, factors like interest rates, repayment methods, and fees can differ between products. This is the reason why you need to find the right mortgage to suit your financial situation and isn’t simply a case of choosing the lowest rate.

Let’s elucidate different types of mortgages available in London, as well as discussing their pros and cons.
Most types of mortgage fall into the category of a repayment mortgage, apart from interest-only mortgages. A mortgage broker in London would help you choose the right kind of product.

What are repayment mortgages in London?

Repayment mortgages in London is a type of mortgage where your mortgage broker would ask you to repay some of the capital amount you’ve borrowed, as well as some of the interest on the loan. The aim is to pay back the original loan amount plus interest over the term agreed when you take out the mortgages, allowing you to build equity over time and eventually own your home outright.

What are interest-only mortgages in London?

An interest-only mortgage in London requires you to pay the interest on the mortgage amount each month, but not any repayment towards the capital you’ve borrowed. Instead, the loan amount is paid back at the end of the mortgage period, so your mortgage broker in London would need to make sure that you have the means to repay the whole debt, or you may have to sell the property to cover what you owe. This differs from a repayment loan, where the amount is paid back incrementally alongside the interest.

What are fixed-rate mortgages in London?

With a fixed-rate mortgage, the interest rate is fixed for a set amount of time and won’t be affected by the Bank of UK base rate rises or fluctuations in the market. This fixed interest rate is often referred to as the introductory rate. Once you’ve taken out fixed-rate mortgages in London, you will be locked into the introductory rate for a set period of time, and if you leave you’ll be subject to exit fees.

What are variable-rate mortgages in London?

A variable-rate mortgage is a product in which the interest rate can shift at any time, either to a higher or lower amount. There is no period where the rate is locked in, and how much you pay each month is subject to change. This type of mortgages in London is affected by the Bank’s base interest rate, as well as other factors.

If you do not feel proficient enough to handle the finances of your mortgages then hiring a mortgage broker is imperative. Finding a reliable broker is no more a tough task. You may refer to online directories to find experienced brokers or agencies. After you feel confident about your necessities, visit any local online business listing site. An online business listing site is the most reliable method of finding a professional mortgage broker. The Mortgage Broker Register is the fastest growing online directory that enlists local brokers and agencies. The searchers would find several local brokers near London.

The register guarantees certain benefits if you are a proficient customer. All you need to do is understand the different types of mortgages in London and choose the best mortgage broker online according to your needs. If you have any queries then feel free to call us, or send us a message.